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Introducing the Ultimate Hourglass Workout Guide: Sculpt Your Curves with Confidence!


This is a 12-Week program, divided into two six week programs. The Hourglass Guide is designed to build your glutes, back, and shoulders, all while tightening your waist and giving you an hourglass shape. 


The workout split is a 5-day split: 3 days lower body, 1 day back and shoulders, and 1 day full upper body. Also, there are core workouts recommended to be completed x2-3/week. 


Included in the program is: 


-Warm ups 

-Phase 1 and Phase 2 Workout plans 

-Training Notes

-Exercise Library with pictures and step by step descriptions for EVERY exercise

-Cardio Recommendations 

-Nutrition (whether you should bulk, cut, or body recomp)


Hourglass Workout Guide

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